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Woman of the Year Awards 2017 Winners

We had a fantastic start to June!  I’m very proud to say that the Auto-Enrolment Bureau won ‘Business of the Year’ at the 2017 Gloucestershire Women of the Year Awards.  We were up against some amazing local companies, so it was a genuine surprise and a real honour to win this award.  Many congratulations to all of the award winners and finalists – all women with amazing businesses


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How to choose a great payroll provider

If you’re currently running your payroll in-house but have decided to outsource, or you’re thinking of changing your payroll administrator, how can you identify a good payroll provider?  Payroll is too important to chop and change too often, and of course you want to move to something better than you’ve already got!

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Start-up businesses - what about payroll and pensions?

Setting up your own business is a hugely exciting prospect.  It gives you the opportunity to do something that you really love, you can share your knowledge and experience with others, and of course you can be your own boss!

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Statutory Maternity Leave – who is entitled and how does this affect payroll and pensions?

The UK’s Statutory Maternity Pay policy has been under fire from the TUC recently, saying the UK underpays maternity leavers in terms of weekly pay, but if you look at the SMP package as a whole, the UK offers much more than most other countries in Europe, and far in excess of the EU directive.

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Key changes for the new 2017/18 Tax Year

We’ll start with an easy one:  the Personal Tax Allowance is increasing from £11,000 to £11,500 a year, so if you’re a director paying yourself just under the tax threshold then you can increase your pay to £958 a month from April.  If you pay yourself just under the National Insurance threshold then your pay can increase up to £680 per month.



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Employing your spouse? You are still an employer

I met a lovely chap this week, he was a doctor and I had met with him to talk about a workplace pension for his team of medical secretaries.

Whilst we were chatting, he mentioned that he, like many other GPs and consultants, employed his wife as an administrator.  His accountant had advised him that this would be beneficial for tax purposes.  What he hadn’t realised, was that because he paid his wife more than £10,000 a year, he would also need to set up a workplace pension for her.